Our Mission


Stryve to be better, wherever you are.


We believe that music knows no boundaries, and your connection with a teacher should not be limited by the traditional means of learning. The interaction between teacher and student is extremely valuable, and where the gift of knowledge can be shared.

However, education does not need to be confined to a traditional classroom setting. We Stryve to provide opportunities for students and teachers around the world to virtually connect for a new learning journey to begin.

To add value to anyone Stryving to be better.


Take Action

Our access to information and knowledge has never been easier. Now is the time to connect with each other and share our combined passion of music and excellence. We are fostering a community of Stryve-minded individuals to revolutionize the educational world.

Join us!

Being great takes effort

What are you willing to sacrifice to become the best version of yourself? We must all figure out how hard we are willing to work to achieve our goals. First, ask yourself "Why?" Why do you want to achieve that goal? Once you have established your purpose, you need direction and effort. Reach beyond your comfort zone...Stryve to be better. 

What does being a Stryver look like?

Being better doesn't just happen overnight.

A Stryver works to be better on a consistent basis.

A Stryver maintains a positive growth mindset.

A Stryver simply does not give up.

What are you waiting for?

Take the next step to push yourself to the next level!

Become a Stryver today!

Additional Info 

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