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1. Pick a Teacher

Click Faculty at the top of the page. Explore all the top-level credentials and instrument specialties of our full faculty. Click individual teacher cards to go to their full page.

2. Schedule a Lesson

Once you find a teacher who meets your needs, click Schedule a Zoom Lesson. You will be redirected to our Calendly site. Pick a time slot, tell us what you’re working on, and purchase your lesson.

3. Prep Your Equipment

Check your email for your lesson confirmation and follow the instructions inside to prep your technology and instrument(s).

4. Show Up!

Get your physical space ready, and join your Zoom Lesson! We want to get to know you, but we also want to maximize your time. Come with questions and come ready to show your skills!

Start Now: Our Faculty

The Revolution Has Begun


Why Stryvemind?

Breaking Boundaries

Music knows no boundaries. No matter where you are in the world, Stryvemind is here to help you uncover the stepping-stones on your path to being better.

No Limits

We are limited only by our imagination. Stryvemind is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide access to the best in the business of percussion education.

You are Unique

One size does not fit all. Whoever you are, we have a faculty member who will get to know you and your goals. We partner with you to illuminate the path you’re on.

Our Faculty

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