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Your journey begins here with us. Let's Stryve together!

A groundbreaking “first of its kind” course dedicated to helping percussion students in the state of Texas. We are proud to offer an entire semester’s worth of detailed curriculum designed to help students find success in the Texas All State Etudes!

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FREE Masterclass!

Co-founders Mike Garcia and Jeff Ausdemore will be giving FREE all state masterclasses to percussion and/or band directors and their phase 2 students for a limited time only. 

Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out to coordinate a time that works best for you and your students to have a 1 on 1 masterclass experience with two former percussion directors that have taught and coached many all state percussionists. 

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After providing at least 3 potential dates, our team will reach out to you to confirm actual date/time of the masterclass. Due to high volume, other dates than those provided may have to be considered.

Why Choose Stryve Academy?

We want to provide students and educators with as many educational resources as possible. When it comes to the TX All-State process, there is limited instruction provided when the etudes are announced. Different performance interpretations and one-time masterclasses aren't enough to take you to the next level. 

We want to offer CONSISTENT instruction and feedback for you on a weekly basis to ensure you are on a path of growth and success. Instead of presenting "one-time" content, we will providing interactive ways for you to grow with others who are also Stryving to be better!

With customized study guides and practice techniques, we will be with you every step of the way.

There is no one "solution" for becoming your best self. It is about the journey and each day is a gift. Let us give you the best education that you could ever ask for!


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Winter Discount for Students!

In addition to the FREE all state masterclass, phase 2 and area students are now eligible to sign up for T.A.S.S.A. for a one-payment of $10! This is an incredible opportunity and value for those students wishing to really dive into the details, and put their best foot forward heading into the last auditions.

Stryve Academy Student


One Payment/All-Access!

  • Access the Course from Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer!
  • In-Depth Study Guides Each Week!
  • Individual Coaching and Instruction
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TX All-State Stryve Academy

  • 12+ weeks Video/Audio Instruction and Curriculum on the Texas All-State Percussion Etudes
    • Specific methods and techniques on how to approach each etude
    • Breakdown of small excerpts within each etude to study
    • Performance practice and study habits to incorporate into daily playing
  • PDF resources such as:
    • Fundamentals/Warm-up Exercises
    • Detailed instruction in text and in notation
    • Best practice methods and strategies to apply in each given musical excerpt
    • Practice Plan of Attack for studying and executing the etudes
  • Completely Comprehensive curriculum and pedagogy on the TX All-State Etudes 
    • Provide feedback for each individual student
    • Group Masterclasses
    • Individual Coaching
    • Establishing Best Strategies for Habit Formation with regard to Practice and Performance 
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